You could go to jail for 6 months if found spreading false news of coronavirus in Osun


People who advocate unverified, untested, or unapproved coronavirus treatments can also be put in prison.

Sharing false news about coronavirus (COVID-19) in the State of Osun is an crime that may warrant a six-month prison sentence.

This was one of the conditions specified by State Governor Gboyega Oyetola on Thursday, April 2, 2020 in the Diseases (Emergency Prevention) Regulations 2020.

The legislation is an implementation of a prior order to lock the state to slow down and control the spread of coronavirus within the state’s territories.

“Similarly, promoting unverified, untested or unapproved remedies, vaccinations or other similar things intended to treat, mitigate or minimize cases of persons infected with Covid-19 also constitutes an offense and convicted offenders will be liable to six months ‘imprisonment or a fine alternative,” read the official statement.

Primarily, the statute forbids anyone from violating the sit-at-home order, an offense that often faces a six-month prison term or a fine option upon arrest.

“Transmitting or transmitting misleading information about Covid-19 is also an crime under the statute, and it attracts the same penalty.

The law also requires the governor to direct a potentially infectious person to go into isolation for an initial 14-day period; or to order that person’s removal if they fail or refuse to go to a location designated for screening and evaluation.

“It has become imperative to go beyond making suggestions and providing guidance to stop the tide of Covid-19’s spread, save lives, minimize ill health and ensure that the economy in which the people of Osun work is not disrupted and stretched,” said Oyetola.

Osun has reported the third highest number of coronavirus cases in Nigeria with 14, as of April 2.

Nigeria has reported 184 cases as of the time of this study, with Lagos reporting 98 of those, followed by the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja with 38.

Other states with reported cases include Oyo (8), Akwa Ibom (5), Ogun (4), Edo (4), Bauchi (3), Enugu (2), Ekiti (2), Rivers (1), and Benue (1).

A total of 20 people have resumed their normal lives and made full recoveries and discharges.

According to officials, two people have died, both in Abuja, following complications brought about by underlying diseases.


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