“Why Clarence Peters is still in custody”-Lagos police


Due to the reason why music video producer Clarence Peters is still in detention over the death of popular dancer,

Kodak, the Lagos State Police has in a new development.Kodak lost her life after being electrocuted while charging her phone in Omole Estate, Lagos, at the studio of the music video director.

Although the music video director has debunked report that he was “arrested” as he stated that he willingly made himself available to the police, Lagos State Police, spokesman Bala Elkana told the Premium Times on Monday May 4 that he is still in custody of them.

Bala revealed that they are still investigating the circumstances surrounding the dancer’s death and also awaiting the outcome of an autopsy.

He further revealed that for Clarence Peters and every other person who was there, the investigation is a natural cause, and also significant.

He said;

“My reaction to this was obvious. Are we in detention with him, I hope we are. Why are you in control of Him?

We are looking into the circumstances surrounding the dancer’s passing.”We still await the autopsy result. The work is a natural cause. It’s important to him and it’s nice for everyone else who has been there as well. If no one has a hand in it, then all will be clear from the study. If the conclusion says it’s a murder case, then the law must take its cause. That’s exactly why we got him, that’s exactly what we do.


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