“Who is going to pay for my hair and Uber? ” Nigeria lady lament as she breaks up with her boyfriend after he has lost his job


A lady, Mide has narrated how she broke up with a man who pampers her just because he lost his job. Mide shared the story via social media when she announced that the primary reason her friend had left her husband was that he would no longer be able to buy hair or pay for her Uber.

“All girls must adjust their view of relationships and entitlements.

“Earlier today, a long time friend of mine called me and we talked. I asked about “Uncle Bae” (apparently her ex was a mutual friend) half way through our conversation, she said they broke up a few months back and I asked why, after all they were cuteness and why she gave it was because he lost his job. You can only imagine?

I became interested in the gist, and activated my listening abilities. “She said how am I going to be with someone who is out of work? How can I slay hair and buy it?

“Who is going to pay my Uber for that? I allowed her to finish saying her trash and tried to break down her stuff:

“1. Men will value any woman who can be independent and look after herself.

“2. Take a look. You don’t have to wait until a man slays you or gets hair.

“3. Think about it. If you don’t have to wait for Uber or taxify, sit at home.

“4. That’s right. I asked her if she was trying to find a job after school and she said no to me, because the 8-5 thingy is very stressful.

“I told her that without a man she can still kill, all you have to do is get what you need and don’t want you to. I have no right to money from any man, if he is not my husband or father. Madam, try to make money, try to invest and try to save money. I can proudly say 95 per cent of my stuff, I got it with my money.

“She told me that we’re different, that I like work, not slaying or going out, but that she loves slaying and being cared for (that lifestyle baby girl).

“I also love being spoiled, but not that, this is going to be a do or die affair now. If you can’t spoil me I’m going to spoil me.

“She bluntly told me I’m going to stay single and not get married if I continue to work (because a man isn’t going to want to get married to someone who’s richer than him) just see mumu’s perception of life.

“I just told her to call me when she wants to order food, because I sell Dey food for slaughter and look like a baby girl, no one Dey sponsors me except my dad.”


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