Two men arrested at Redemption Camp for stealing seven cars


Two men who allegedly stole seven cars at Redemption Camp have been arrested by police in Ogun State.

The perpetrators were identified as one Ezi and Onyekachi Atama Friday. Both men were arrested after being registered on February 1, 2020 by one Titilayo Otitodogbon, whose car to Toyota Camry was stolen.

Ezi, who allegedly stole the car, is being traced back to Edo State. He made a confessional statement guiding the operatives to the state of Onitsha, Anambra, where his accomplice was detained.

Atama, who used to collect the stolen vehicles from Ezi, was a motor park dealer on the Onitsha motor parts market. Atama acknowledged that once Ezi brought the vehicles to him, he used them to balkanize And sell parts of those cars.


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