“The problem is WhatsApp, not 5G “— Daddy Freeze.


Reacting to the viral news that 5 G network is the key reason people in other countries are dying in their numbers of Coronavirus, controversial On Air Personality, Daddy Freeze has penned up his own viewpoint.

While Nigerians from various places have been pleading with the government not to allow 5G network into the country, Daddy Freeze is of the opinion that the main problem facing Nigeria is WhatsApp Broadcast message, which is a notable means of spreading false information.

He shared the picture above and said, “Our near and present danger is the paranoia and baseless conspiracy theories being peddled on WhatsApp, not 5G .- WhatsApp has become the platform for spreading the modern- ‘Jewish myths’ of which the Apostles argued, and when it is in the hands of religious and superstitious men, it becomes a potential disaster.

Yeah, there may be some amount of danger associated with a technological advance, but it’s a far cry from WhatsApp theorists ‘sensational statements, which would go as far as spreading rumors that the COVID19 vaccine is the’ antichrist ‘and all sorts of absolute buffoonery

If the Government has to ban something, its WhatsApp! Let our parents rest from being authorities on things they’re clueless about sef .- This same Bill Gates who has bailed us out several times in the past and was invaluable in the eradication of malaria, has all of a sudden become an antichrist agent, despite his warning to the world several years ago, of his lack of preparedness if a pandemic arises.

5G is the future of the internet, we have to be careful to embrace it without adequate examination, but to deny it is also dangerous; Nigeria is still in the Stone Age of technology, do we have to live there?

2 Timothy 4:4 [New Living Translation] They must ignore the truth and follow myths .- Titus 1:14 [New Living Translation]They must avoid listening to the Jewish myths and commands of people who turn away from the truth.- Matthew 13:15 [New Living Translation]The hearts of these men are hardened, so their ears can not hear, so their eyes closed, so their eyes can not see,


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