The name of the boy who beat his girlfriend is revealed in viral video


The boy’s identity that mercilessly beat his girlfriend in a viral video was released.

The boy is seen beating his girlfriend in the presence of his friends in the shocking video and the friends made only marginal efforts to stop him.

He’s been rumored to beat her up after she told him she’s pregnant and he’s liable (read here).

Further details regarding the viral video have now emerged.

One of the boys was identified as being Moses Chiuta.

MINARY Activist Ukan P. Kurugh, who said he had been talking to the woman, claims that Moses is the one who beat the boy.

Moses is a coming musician who on Facebook calls himself King Marett The Entertainer.

Nigerians have dropped comments on his Facebook account, criticizing him for his actions.

A screenshot of a conversation was posted which explains why he beat her up.

“De gal lied abt carrying a 4 me bby… she finally told me she had aborted de bby. She insults me 4 telling her… like I was really nuts,” reads the chat from a person with a Moses (King Marett) profile photo.

Another person accused of engaging in the attack is one Jude Faga Junior. In the video, voices calling the attacker “Junior” can be heard As a result, Nigerians have taken to the Instagram account of Jude Faga Junior to call him out.

Jude Faga Junior is an aspiring comedian and promotes his skits (Comedy of Junior) through his Instagram account.

Ukan Kurugh has described the friend who laughed and held the girl whilst she was beaten as Tosin Blessing.

Kurugh added Preshy Ibile is the one who filmed the assault and Emmanuel Spiffy is the one who posted it online.

The incident occurred around Community Secondary School in Wadata, Makurdi, Benue State.

Meanwhile a host of Nigerian celebrities took an interest in the matter and vowed to see the case to a satisfactory conclusion.


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