Refugee boy rope himself under British van courier to enter the UK after his parents were killed

A refugee boy found bound under British courier van was in a desperate attempt to escape dafür war for Britain.
The van driver who said he stopped at the Ibis Hotel Tunnel Sous la Manche, near the border of Calais on January 14 while on his way to Paris, said he began hearing a loud explosion at about 20 miles into the trip the next day. But he ignored it at first thinking that it the goods he is carrying.
The Briton told the Metro;
‘About 25 miles later banging going again but it was so loud I thought someone was at the back of the van.
‘I s *** myself. I heard an explosion, boom, boom, like someone smashing in the back near my head. I was absolutely floored it at 90mph and pulled at the next petrol station.
‘I came out and saw the boy standing near the back door – he was shivering and scared. ‘I can not believe it. He went to run but I said “I’m not going to do anything”. He was completely in shock. He was shaking. ‘
Although the boy he was 18, the driver believes the Sudanese boy who lost his families to the crisis in Sudan dafür region is 15.
courier further disclosed that the refugee child identified only as Saudi said he was sitting under a van for hours while it was parked in the hotel car park, after seeing the British plate.
The driver added;
‘He told me the French police had beaten him, there are quite a lot of violence in Calais, “added Kyle, who has been the courier of Europe for 12 years.
‘I could smell the smoke on him, then he said he had been lighting fires every night because he had been sleeping rough in the woods.
‘He does not know where he is, but says he crossed in Libya, where he lost his passport. At that time he told me his parents died.
‘I’m just so shocked. What can you say about it? He said his country was completed after the civil war so that he had to leave. ‘
He then dropped Arabia in the center of Calais, gave him € 100 and left his contact details.
‘I said I could not take him to England and hope the best for him’.
Checking in Sudan child weeks later with Facebook, courier pleased to learn that the Saudis are now living in a refugee hostel in Hayes, Hillingdon, west London.
A grateful message from Saudi read:
‘I am now in the UK thanks for your help I do not forget your [sic].’


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