Man finds out the two boys he sponsor in Canada are not his sons


A Twitter user has recounted how a man broke down in tears and threatened to kill himself after finding out that the two boys he supports in Canada are not his own.

According to @EWAWUNMIII only the last 12-year-old child belongs to distracted man. The boys aged 23 and 20 are allegedly ex-wives of his father.

She tweeted;

“This morning there’s a serious fight going on in my town, and from what I learned the husband is just finding out he’s not the father of his first and second-born, they’re for the wife ex, the first-born is 23 and the second-born 20.

They’re both schooling in Canada and he’s the one who supports it, just for him to find out today that his only child is the last born, she’s 12, the guy is crying and saying he wants to kill himself


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