Lockdown: Womam cries out after her shop in Lagos was vandalised


After her shop was vandalized, a woman cried out and 85 percent of her products were carted away in the state of Surulere.

According to sources, the woman was unable to visit or open her shop during the entire lockdown time, only to be called by neighbors that her shop was vandalized and her products were gone.

Social media user, Timidayo Daniel Adebowale, who posted the story on his Twitter account, he wrote; I got a call from my aunty 30 minutes ago crying and screaming that her shop being vandalized and 85 percent of her business being gone.Location; Bode Thomas In Surulere She said due to the lockdown she didn’t come to shop since. And then she was called up this morning that her shop was robbed She went to send 2 shops away from hers to police station. Buh she said the D.P.O told her that “they can’t be everywhere.” According to her, this morning the D.P.O came to check her shop after the robbery buh they said, “There’s nothing they can do.”

Since moving overseas, she turned it over to her to run the store.

I’m sorry that this police station is just 2 shops away from the store of my father. And I’m sure they’re mindful of the robbery at Prime But they’re just going for what’s meaningless to Hear-no-evil monkeyBroken heartBroken heartBroken heartBroken heartBroken heart


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