‘I’m ready to save humanity’ – says Pastor as he demands $100,000 to fight the demon Coronavirus in the hell


Pastor Mboro, a South African priest, has agreed to go into hell and fight the demon responsible for the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Kenya News, to cover his transport logistics, Pastor Mboro decided to embark on the risky journey and save humanity only for a total of $100,000 (almost $336,700,000).

“I’m ready to save humanity,” said Pastor Mboro, “I’ve seen a glimpse of how the Coronavirus demon looks and I’m going to kill it,” the pastor also said there’s no need to spend money on research as the true source of the disease that has infected 640,589 people with 29,848 deaths is a devil in hell that he’s volunteered to murder.

“The real problem is the devil that triggers this disease and I’m ready to destroy it once and for all,” said Pastor Mboro.

The pastor issued an ultimatum that the money was due to arrive in April no later than the second week.


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