“I wanted to be the youngest billionaire of 18years old in Nigeria”- Uncle confess after killing his twin nephews for rituals


Kelvin Uzor, 18 years old, was arrested on 6 March 2020, in Oko Ogbele, Delta State, for allegedly murdering his brother’s identical twins for the money-making ritual.

Police revealed that Uzor killed the seven-year-old boys and then removed their genitals, heads, tongues, and hands that he allegedly took to an Anambra State native doctor.

Nevertheless, Kelvin denied murdering the twins, claiming that they were murdered by his friend Onuwa Olisah.

This would be the best song you’d hear today: Kayode – Sideguy – Click Here Incidentally, Iweka Olisah, Onuwa’s 11-year-old nephew, has also admitted to seeing his elder brother with a bloodied machete.

Kelvin said his only offence was attending the meeting with Onuwa and others, where they discussed how ritual-making money could be carried out. At the last minutes he said he backed out of the devilish scheme.

He said, “My dream was money making, driving big cars and building a home. I decided to become a young leader, because most of these young boys didn’t work as hard as I did and are millionaires now. I am a farmer and it calls for hard work.

I didn’t make enough money for myself, either. This is why I have decided to be part of the conference. Onuwa persuaded me that this was the fastest way to get rich. He said that by that means most of our colleagues have made money.

My worst mistake was that when Onuwa said we could use the twins I didn’t tell my family. I love those twins so much and they are good to their parents.

When we arranged who to use, Onuwa mentioned the twins, I warned him, but I didn’t think he’d go ahead with his plan anyway. I begged my brother to proceed until Onuwa was arrested by police to let him know that I had nothing to do with the twin murder. “After the abduction and eventual twin murder, Onuwa, a friend, has since vanished into the forest.


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