Gunmen kill warder and one in Kaduna, kidnap girl 13 year’s old


Some gunmen who hit two people and also kidnapped a 13-year-old girl in Angwan Alkali community in Mararaban Rido, a suburb of Kaduna metropolis in Chikun Local government district, are reportedly killed.

The gunmen who entered the neighborhood on Thursday at about 1:00 a.m. went to the warder’s residence which they killed before heading to his neighbor’s apartment which was raising an alarm.

Neighbor of the warder was killed by gunmen who abducted his 13-year-old daughter too. EOLBREAK EOLBREAK Narrating how the incident took place, a community leader told ThisDay; “The assailants, who I presume were kidnappers, came at about 1 am. (Thursday) and they went to a prison warder’s home, I believe they wanted to abduct him. EOLBREAK EOLBREAK” His neigbour raised the alarm when they smashed his house to gain entry. His neighbor shouted robbers, criminals, but no one was able to respond because there were many bandits and they were carrying guns.

There is no way anyone could threaten them, because there was no arms for the people to challenge them. They broke into his neighbour’s house after killing the prison warder, raising the alarm and killing him before abducting his 13-year-old daughter. EOLBREAK EOLBREAK “But as they ran from the town one of the suspects was killed. The police have come this morning to pick up his body.”


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