Femi Adesina: ‘We caught the evil mole that leaked the speech of President Buhari’


A leaked presidential address has triggered concerns about national security and the health of the president.

President Muhammadu Buhari’s spokesman, Femi Adesina, has revealed that the presidential mole that leaked a draft copy of the presidential speech on Monday, April 27, 2020, has been apprehended.

Pulse wrote in here about the leak. We also published Adesina’s explanations of how the leak happened and how it all left the Presidency embarrassed

Adesina explained how the suspect was apprehended in an article he titled ‘Enemy of the Police.'”Possibly you’ve seen the action-thriller film of 1998 with the title above, starring Will Smith.

It was the box office hit story about a group of people conspiring to kill an American Congressman, and the plot tape has been uncovered, “he began.”Well, a state enemy hit in Nigeria on Monday but it wasn’t a fiction this time.

It was real life act of sabotage by someone who doesn’t wish his own country well at all, and who derived a sinister kind of gratification from undermining the regime.

President Muhammadu Buhari was to broadcast to the nation by 8 p.m., to provide an update on the fight against COVID-19, and what would become of the four-week lockdown, particularly in the Federal Capital Territory, Lagos and Ogun States.

Kano was also a highly interesting point, with the mysterious deaths ravaging the Town. Is it, or not COVID-19?”As the nation waited with great anticipation for the president, a supposed copy of the broadcast started to circulate on social media from around 4 p.m. Whodunnit?

“I stared at the circulating paper and within a minute I realized it was a copy of a rogue. What gave it away immediately was to paragraph. It was entirely different from the one that I had been part of making, and that the president registered for broadcast.

“The tell-tale of the document’s dubiousness was the date it gave. It said the lockdown would be eased from May 2, in the affected states and the FCT, while the authentic copy bore May 4.

“There were a couple more inconsistencies. Paragraphs that had been excised from the final copy were still intact, and the text was rife with spelling and grammatical errors that you would never find in a Presidential broadcast that would have passed through a variety of chosen and respected hands.

Inside the Aso Rock media office, the president’s aide said he had to work the phones as fear spread.

“I made a lot of phone calls to all of us involved in the script, right from the origination, which was outside the presidency, to the final editing, which I did, and it was easy to reach conclusion. Someone had whipped up the initial draft, which had gone through several stages of fine tuning in terms of content and vocabulary, and he poured it into the social media believing it was a world purely in terms of artifice and underhand practice.

“Who would do such a thing but an enemy of the state, someone who wants to mock the government, creates utmost chaos in politics, and smirks his lips in malevolent enjoyment, as the government, and probably the president’s media handlers, have been flagellated and taken to the cleaners.

“Yoruba people are worried about ‘ba ase je.’ One who is spoiling the feast. All rejoices and makes merry, and he comes to pollute their joy. He might carry extremely bad news sending everyone scurrying home or running for cover.

“He could even urinate in the big pot of soup in the merrymakers’ full glare. Or he could spill sand into the big pot of rice on the flames. Ba ase je (festival spoiler) could strike in several ways.

That’s what the State Enemy did. ‘Igbo people speak about the mythical lizard that ruined the funeral of his own mother. That’s what the secret hostile hand did.

If that individual got the final, genuine copy, that’s the same way he’d leaked it. To what end? To what end? Evil: Evil. It’s Sly. Hatty.

Some people dislike their own country, and interestingly, they’d be the first to talk about things going wrong. They will undermine any act of government (any government). If they could in some way stick a knife into the fragile underbelly of government, they would be the first to grumble that things didn’t go well. The State’s enemies.

“If the person leaking the Broadcast’s unedited draft had access to more important national papers, he would do the same. If he were to cotton on information that could sell the enemy to Nigeria, he would gladly do it. Watch and pray, you are in the midst of enemies.

“I’m shocked a lot of men, including newspaper houses, fell for the gambit. They took their knowledge from the wrong source, and ultimately published falsehoods. That was what the State Enemy wanted. Trigger uncertainty to the full. And somehow he succeeded.

“We are using the social media for every purpose: good and bad. It’s the bastion of false news, hate news, concoctions and conjurations of all sorts. Would the developers be more discerning and the consumers? The person who stole a keg of palm oil from the rafter is not the only thief, it is said. The person from whom the keg was obtained is a rogue too. Those who began posting an apparent leak, retransmitting it, aren’t guilty either. Be fast to listen, and talk slowly.


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