Dave East Teases “EastMix” Of Roddy Ricch’s “The Box”


2019 is a big year for Dave East. The Harlem rapper was constantly preparing to release his debut album survival while also getting deeper into the world of film and television. He took the role of Method Man’s Wu-Tang Hulu series and also appeared in Netflix Beats. After the release of Survival, he has continuously posted in the studio but it seems we can hear the rapper provide another installment in the series EastMix immediately.

Dave Eastern deliver tons of crazy remixes for some of the biggest records in the rap game. It looks like the latest victim is a role for this Ricch Roddy chart-topping banger, “The Box.” East Dave hit ‘Gram to share before, including his own’ EE UU ‘voice when he changed the auto-tune up while laying bar live from the streets of Harlem.

Despite the fact that the Eastern Dave superior when he was only focused on his bar, it has not been well received by the masses. Some Twitter users are controlled rapper to jump on the beat. Maybe this is just not one for Dave but hopefully, he has EastMix’s more on the way.

Roddy Ricch “The Box” has recently charted on the Billboard Hot 100 and maintain its position for the second week in a row. Obviously, people who love the song.


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