Burna Boy blasts fans who say that he ‘steals’ songs of Fela


Burna Boy has taken some time off his self-isolation to do a Q&A session on Twitter with fans. This comes after on March 27, 2020, Burna Boy had expressed his frustration about restricting his movement.

He talked about Wizkid, Fela, early days, latest 2020 album and ‘Odogwu (Remix)’ featuring Phyno, Zoro, Illbliss and Nigga Raw during Q&A.

Something dramatic happened, however, when Burna Boy replied to a fan who told Burna Boy that, “With all these fela songs yhu dey drop back to shior.” Burna Boy who obviously had enough back and answered,

“The Fools who say this shit don’t even know Fela songs very well. Fela went through you fuckers even more hate than I do at the moment and all he did was speak the truth much more than I do. U’re just pained with the vibes that I’m King and I’m Flawless. Impossible to delay.


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