After having more than 28 abortions for Kunle, he refused to marry me because I was older – Lady cries out.


The story is currently a trend in social media, involving a jilted lady who came out to drive out her one-time lover for refusing to marry her because she’s four years older than him.

According to the anonymous woman, she and her boyfriend called Kunle had been together for as long as she could recall, and what began out as a young, nice and innocent love had become a toxic situation as she had discovered that she had been forced to undergo more than 28 abortions during the time they were together.

The lady further disclosed how after she talked about wanting to get married, he got her engaged with a N500 Ring. For three years she had the ring on until he finally caved into setting up an introduction ceremony that he never showed up for. The lady even threatened to rain for jilting hell upon him. Read its complete account below:


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